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Home Safety Assessments

Fall Prevention

Injuries from falls can result in costly medical expenses that can be prevented. A home safety assessment can help identify potential trip hazards as well as identify options for adaptive equipment (such as grab bars, tub transfer bench, bed rails, etc.,). In instances where a complete remodel of a bathroom, kitchen, or other living space is needed, your occupational therapist can work with your contractor to design your space for optimal accessibility. 

Environmental Modifications for Cognition

Our cognition plays a big role in keeping us safe. When cognition is impacted from conditions such as a developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, or stroke - it can decrease safety awareness. In these cases, your occupational therapist can identify modifications that can be made to your home to improve safety. This might include smart stove controls that automatically turn off, strategically placed visual reminders, or door alarm systems for loved ones that wander. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home safety assessments covered by insurance? If your home safety assessment is deemed "medically necessary", then it is often covered by insurance. Your occupational therapist can help determine if your assessment is medically necessary prior to your appointment. 

How much are home safety assessments? A basic home safety assessment starts at $140. If a complete remodel / accessibility design is needed, pricing is dependent upon the scope of work required. Contact us for an estimate. 

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